Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What the dog saw

I don't know why I began reading Malcolm Gladwell's books, but I began with Outliers which I like a lot and then I read Blink. Blink was not as good and by the time I got to The Tipping Point it was getting to be a drag. So I didn't have high hopes for What The Dog Saw..... I once again got my intuition right. I didn't like it. I actually put it down after about 30 pages. I guess it was a good thing I began reading with Outliers, otherwise I probably wouldn't have gone as far as I did.

We are now finishing up the last season of C/O Segemyhr. The Swedish TV series and it is also going somewhat down hill. The three first seasons were a lot better.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Den Hand Som Skälver

Finished the eight "Ann Lindell" book by Kjell Eriksson the other day. It is by far the best one in the series in my opinion. Kjell just announced that the series will end with the tenth book. These books should be coming to the U.S. in an English translation eventually. The problem is that usually it takes years before the translations are done. The one who waits though, will have something to look forward too.

I need to do some fly tying but only got to do half a dozen soft hackles the other night before I got a sore throat and my third cold of the season. I just can' t win this year. Not much else going on, signing off.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

St Croix Rods

I just have to say what a wonderful company they are. I bought a used rod a few years back. I managed to break it this past summer on a fishing trip. I lost both top pieces. I researched the St Croix Rod's web site and found their silver plan as they call it. If you have a rod which you are not the original owner or simply don't have the paper work for the warranty any longer. They will attempt to repair or upgrade your rod to an equivalent model. All for a sum of $60 including shipping both ways in the U.S.A. You can't beat a deal like that. I had an older Imperial model which is no longer made. They sent me two replacement pieces to make my 4 pc whole again. Kudos to them.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Nattens Drottning and Flugfiskets Mästare

The book publisher Setterns Bokförlag have begun to issue more and more of fine fishing literature which deals with fly fishing. Two of these books are Nattens Drottning which is a compilation of some of the best stories from the late great Hans Lidman. The other "Flugfiskets Mästare is a mixed collection of short stories, touching on historical figures, or events in fly fishing. It is written by the excellent writer and fly fisherman Lars-Åke Olsson. The famous (in Sweden) river keeper at Idsjöströmmen in Gimån Sweden. Lars is by the way nowadays married to the Montana fly fishing guide and author Jennifer Olsson.

Lars's book is a highly recommended read if you can read Swedish. It is well written and an easy and entertaining read. It kind of feel like if you have some of the basic knowledge of fly fishing history it is even better.

The Hans Lidman book is also a short story collection chosen by Lars Eriksson of the Hans Lidman Society in Sweden. Hans was a well known fly fisher, author and photographer from Hälsingland, Sweden. He wrote often about his beloved Svartån. Real name Mållångsboån.
The book is dated in it's depictions but Hans's storytelling and feel for the subject draws you in like a magnet. The story Höst i Hyllen almost gives you a sad feeling of despair when you finish it. Both books are recommended but only if you read Swedish of course.

The hockey was fun. My wife and I went with a coworker and his wife and although Knoxville Ice Bears lost to Pensacola, the night was a success.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Vi Hade I Alla Fall Tur Med Vädret Igen and Segemyhr säsong 4

Vädret 2 for shorts was not as good as the the first and classic one from 1980. I don't think anyone would go in to it thinking that way. It's somewhat sad and a fact of life to see how everyone has aged. Especially Claire Wikholm, but Rolf Skoglund doesn't look like a spring chicken either, and I don't' either LOL. The movie is a decent hour and a half of fun. Although it is not even close to the first one when it comes to laughter.

As for Segemyhr, what can I say. It's probably the best tv series in decades. I know the original was Norwegian, but Jähkel, Ulvesson, Sarri, and Eriksson are just a match in heaven for this series. Highly recommended.

I'm way behind on reading and such, but managed to get out of the house for a hike with The Great Smoky Mountain Hiking club. We went to schoolhouse gap on Chestnut Top Trail. It was somewhat strenuous for me after all the weight gain over the holidays. Well, that' s about it for now, I'm on my way to see the Knoxville Ice Bears hockey team beat Pensacola tonight.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hotet and some pictures from Stockaryd, Sweden

I finished the great Kjell Sundvall's movie "Hotet". It is a somewhat thin story but at the same time very entertaining. It has one of my favorite Swedish actors in it Shanti Roney. Göran Ragnerstam does a great role as an air force officer. The movie came out in 2004 or so and got very bad reviews but I give it a C+. I also finished the fly fishing trilogy by Lars-Åke Olsson. Torrflugefiske, Våtflugefiske and Nymffiske. Dr Fly Fishing, Wet fly fishing and fishing with a nymph respectively. If you like Lars and his books you will enjoy these DVDs also. They are somewhat brief in the fishing department and feels more like tying movies than fishing movies.

Here's a few pictures taken at Christmas time at my parents house in Sweden.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Back from Sweden

I've got back from Sweden last night. This was one of my most horrific experiences when it comes to travel. On my way over there I was stuck in Memphis for six hours, and then seventeen hours in Amsterdam, trying to sleep in the airport. It was snow storms everywhere and complete chaos. I will never put my foot in Schiphol again if I can avoid it. Rude people and nobody cared to help anyone. I finally got to Gothenburg one day late. Picked up my rental car and drove the two hours to my home town Stockaryd. I had a nice visit with my folks, but managed to get offended twice. One day in a store In a small town called Värnamo. The clerk literally yelled at me for trying to use a computer terminal labeled info. As a visitor from the U.S, used to customer service and the customer is always right attitude I was appalled. I spoke my piece and told them that I was a visitor from overseas and lucky for them I was born in Sweden and know how rude and cold they can be. My next bad experience came in my dealings with an official government entity. I had to take care of a simple application process and they managed to constantly use sarcasm and out of place humour with me. I guess they really do hate Americans nowadays. Aside from these incidents everything was great. I just can't understand why the people are so impolite and sour. Don't even get me started on the way they bump in to you, cut in front of you in lines, and general me me attitude. I'm very disappointed in this, especially as a native born Swede. I guess I never thought about this until I moved to the U.S.