Tuesday, October 11, 2011

South Holston River, TN October 8, 2011

Landing a 14" South Holston Brown right after I lost a bigger one.
Photo: N. White

Southeast's Best Fly Fishing by James Buice

The Southeast's Best Fly Fishing Southeast's Best Fly Fishing, by James Buice is absolutely the best book on the subject if you are new to to area or just want to visit. It's also good as entertainment for all of you who already own a lot of the books dealing with this area. It has superb photos and a lot of detailed access information as well as fly recipes etc. Highly recommended.

Karin Alvtegen " En Sannolik Historia"

Karin Alvtegen's latest "A probable story" is probably her best ever. It's a departure from her usual psychological thrillers with murders and deceit. This time is family drama but not in the conventional sense. It's a suspense of a different order. It makes you think about your life and circumstances and yes for many readers, it will be a look in the mirror. Highly recommended. Her earlier books are out in English but I'm not sure if this one is translated yet. Highly recommended reading.