Saturday, September 25, 2010

Den Orolige Mannen by Henning Mankell

This book is probably not out in the U.S yet, but it's the final installment (so he says) of Henning Mankell's Inspector Wallander series. Let me begin and say that I has always been a fan of Henning Mankell and was so even before his fame with Wallander. I have to say that lately he has become an old and bitter man. It's all about how awful everything is and Wallander will soon fade in to the darkness of Alzheimer's and then death. Yes I know it's reality but it gets too much doom and gloom and the Swedish environment and landscape along with the Swedish sullen mood, can get you suicidal. If you was a fan like I you probably would like to read it just to be complete. If you were not a fan don't start now. Mankell is of course left leaning and its no surprise to anyone, but why begin to preach. I guess when you have made your money and don't have to worry anymore you can begin the preaching. I for one think it's ridiculous and frankly I have been turned off by the leftist agenda in his later books. 2 out of 5 in my book.

Monday, September 20, 2010

That Evening Sun

Hal Holbrook in "That Evening Sun" was a nice little independent movie shot in Tennessee. I had some anticipation about this move since it has been talked about and reviewed favorably quite a bit. I have to say it is not a bad movie but did not grab me as hard as I had expected. It is somewhat slow moving and leave you with a somewhat unsettled ending. 3 out of 5 in my book.

Kinesen by Henning Mankell

Kinesen, or The Man From Beijing as it is known in English is a crime novel written by the famous Swedish author Henning Mankell. My first impression of this book was the fact that it drew me in fairly quickly and got me through the first half in rapid succession. I was hooked, then the preaching started and the scenarios became more and more ridiculous. At the end I found the book to be a drag and I'm sad to say one of Henning Mankell's worst .

I am well aware of Mankell's political leanings but here it borders on stupidity and a complete bias in favor of the horrors done by Mao's extremists. Let's not forget the approximate 22 million people murdered under Mao and his fanatics. As for the story itself. A murder in northern Sweden links to a Chinese capitalist who takes revenge 140 some years later. Nah don't waste your time.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sangre De Christo Mountains in Southern Colorado, with Rio Grande in the forefront
San Juan Tailwater New Mexico
Rio Grande Gorge, NM
Rio Costilla, NM Valle Vidal Unit of Carson National Forest
Rio Costilla Rio Grande Cutthroat Trout

I got back from New Mexico on Monday night. The travel logistics went well and the weather was perfect. It dipped down in to the twenties in Red River NM, keep in mind though, that the elevation is almost 9000ft there. I actually had some difficulties with the altitude the first day there. My firs half of the trip was spent at Abe's at Navajo Dam. My main goal was to fish San Juan on this trip. I did for two days and some but only caught some small stocker browns. I did loose four larger rainbows in succession on Labor Day. I used 6x and probably should have used 5x. Oh well, the river was beautiful but I have to say South Holston is easier fishing.

I also spent some time on Piedras, and Animas up on the Southern Ute Indian Reservation in Colorado. Both rivers had some tint to them after recent rains. Nymphing was the name of the game, and I caught plenty of stocker bows. No fish of any size. The second part of the trip I spent on Rio Costilla in Valle Vidal in Northern NM. What a gem. I caught several Rio Grande Cutthroat Trout there. Biggest was 12". Another gem of a stream for me was Rio Hondo below Taos Ski Valley. I caught both Rio Grande Cuttthroats, and Browns out of there. This river reminded me a lot of the Smokies streams. The other streams were more shallow with rapid flows. Nymphing was the best method everywhere but I did catch a nice Rio Grande Cutthroat Trout from Rio Hondo on a Yellow Stimulator. New Mexico's food is excellent and the people very friendly. I saw some awesome scenery both in Colorado and New Mexico. The fishing could have been somewhat better but hey!, you can't get everything all the time.